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Regal Boats in not as much a boat builder as it is a family who, for generations, has forged deeply loving connections with each other through boating.

Why Buy a Regal Boat from H&H Marine

At HH Marine we wanted to be able to offer a boat that fits the needs of your whole family. This is why we are so excited to be working with Regal. 

From the luxury of the 42 XO to the performance and versatility of the 38 SAV down to the performance of the LS2 Surf. Regal not only makes a boat that fits any and all of your needs but they have backed it with executive level standards that match not only the quality of the product but the performance. With the innovative FasTrac Hull you will enjoy the ride and performance of the entire line of Regal Boats. 

View our selection of Regal Boats below:


The YACHT line at Regal Boats is the pinnacle of luxury, within the Yacht line Regal offers a wide range of Sizes and Amenities to fit all your wants and desires when on the water, Starting at the Extraordinary 36 XO to the Beautiful 42 XO If you find yourself wanting Overnight trips or taking a day trip up the coast the YACHT line of Regal boats has you covered..



Introducing EXPRESS CRUISER Line from regal Built for ultimate versatility with details crafted to elevate your boating experience, by achieving a higher standard of excellence. With ample space and comfort awaiting you in the cockpit, below you will find hospitable amenities and accommodations designed to keep you and your guests refreshed and relaxed all day long



True to its name, the Sports Activity Vessel is a seamless and elegant combination of sporting, day boating, and overnighting. This unmatched versatility, blended with added luxury, results in an unrivaled, do-it-all, outboard-powered day yacht perfect for entertaining or catching the night’s dinner.



The waters are waiting to be explored. Equipped for exhilarating adventure and premium entertainment, there is nothing this versatile luxury outboard powered vessel can’t do. Combining the luxury and innovation Regal is known for with the versatility of outboard power, this is our way of rejecting the notion that form must follow function. Designed with handcrafted luxury and a generously spaced layout, comfortably accommodate family and friends while enjoying innovative features that are sure to take your day on the water to new heights.



Treat yourself to Regal’s exceptional luxury that allows you a smooth ride, and enjoy versatility and capability letting you experience the thrill for endless days out on the water. Capable of offering both luxurious leisure and thrilling adventure, the SURF class of Regal Boats  is the ultimate balance of beauty, innovation, and versatility. Kick back in the bow, spend time with your company in the cockpit – or at the transom, and enjoy innovative and thoughtful features that will bring your day to the next level.  With innovation and Regal luxury integrated into every element of its design

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