For Immediate Release - Yamaha Introduces the All New 4.3L V6 F350

Available Spring 2024

 January 17th 2024


The newly designed F350 joins the Yamaha Outboard family to meet customer demand for horsepower diversity combined with our premium-level performance and reliability. Engine block and gearcase upgrades provide a strong core for powering up and going the distance, while comfort and convenience options create a confident ride. Add its distinctive, new look in Pearlescent White, Traditional Gray, or new Classic White into the mix and it’s clear the new Yamaha F350 is the perfect big power, light-weight option for a wide variety of boating applications.

Engine Advancements

From the cylinder heads to the crankcase, Yamaha’s new F350 reaps the benefits of meticulous technical design. With an impressive 11:1 compression ratio, the new F350 expertly manages air displacement using tailored intake manifolds equipped with 40% larger surge tanks, as compared to the F300, to maximize the amount and timing of air rushing to the intake ports, while also ensuring even distribution of air into each cylinder. Identical port and starboard intake manifolds enable the ideal placement for the 81mm electronic throttle valve that is 8% larger than the F300 throttle valve and center-mounted for smooth air flow and responsive power.

Larger intake and exhaust valves and Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) offer an appreciable air flow advantage for the new Yamaha F350. The improved camshaft profile establishes higher valve lift for longer opening duration for both intake and exhaust while the newly designed valve lifters— made from the same durable material used for XTO 450 lifters—create precise valve clearance to achieve boosted combustion. To capitalize on the increased airflow, a new, robustly designed crankshaft creates a longer stroke for more torque throughout all RPM ranges. The Yamaha F350 also incorporates the use of iridium spark plugs—appreciated for their hardiness and concentrated, efficient spark—combined with the premier of Yamaha’s new fuel injection control mapping, which produces a longer injector duration than that of the F300 4.2L for more power.

The best in smart tech and premium ride technology was considered down to the smallest detail. For durability, the new Yamaha F350 incorporates the same water sensor for overheat control that is used on the XTO 450, which helps catch increasing engine temps sooner than traditional sensors. Additionally, an intake silencer provides a sound buffer as the F350 directs immense amounts of air to the head. A size-up in oil cooler capacity over the F300, along with Yamaha’s distinguished, sleeveless, plasma-fused cylinder technology for exceptional strength, reduced friction, and precise heat distribution. These enhancements mean the new Yamaha F350 becomes the pinnacle of optimized power and performance.


Gearcase Durability

Power Transfer at its Best. The gearcase incorporates a freshly designed clutch dog machined
with more teeth for strong torque transfer from powerhead to propeller and uses Yamaha’s
extensive line of V6 propellers for maximum versatility. The vigorous foundational propulsion of
the new gearcase is merged with Yamaha’s Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) technology,
which keeps exhaust bubbles above the anti-ventilation plate and away from the propeller at 2500
RPM in reverse to produce high thrust when backing down on a fish and to add more precision
when maneuvering around the docks. The F350 is offered in full model 25″ or 30″ shaft lengths
and 25″, 30″ and 35″ for late-stage customized (LSC) lower unit models. LSC models are equipped
with an intermediate drive shaft and shift rod.